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How to Grow To 30k Engaged Followers In 12 Months Or Less While Building Multiple Income Streams

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A Word From Our Founder

Used by HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs and counting...

Delia Caluser Grew To Over 200k Followers On LinkedIn

Client image

Delia Caluser, the founder of Focus Recruitment, came to us when she was stuck at 14k followers.

Within 5 weeks, we got her growing again, taking her from 14k followers to 53k followers in 6 months. Today, she has over 200k followers!

She did such a great job with our program that she is now one of our instructors.

“My friends still invest a lot of money in advertising their services and products. They waste a lot of time in engagement pods and other support groups.

But at the end of the day, they only get around 10% of my success rate in generating leads on LinkedIn.”

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Who Is This For?

This program is for entrepreneurs that don't want to go back to their day job.

It’s for anyone that has a good idea but no platform to share it on.

It's for people that are tired of being stuck and that want to experience real growth.

If your friends and family like to ask how your business is doing every holiday, this is for you.

If you suspect that the founder of a company is just as important as the business itself, then this is for you.

If you aspire to unlock exponential growth, then this is for you.

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Who Is This NOT For?

If you’re looking for a magic wand that solves everything, you won’t find that here.

This program won’t work for you if you aren’t willing to step out of your comfort zone, either.

And if you don't want to invest in yourself to achieve exceptional results, then there's nothing we can do for you.

For anyone else, keep reading. We'll show you how to build an engaged following and monetize anything.

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Here's The Simple Truth:

Connecting with prospects and writing marketing content doesn't work because your posts don't get seen.

But if you have built an engaged following, your posts will get in front of more people than you can handle.

However, getting engaged followers is hard because everyone is competing for their attention.

We are the ONLY people dedicated to helping you build an authentically engaged following on LinkedIn.

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Gary Travis (our founder) began creating content on LinkedIn in 2019 to grow his last startup, a B2B SaaS platform that matched employees in Chicago with local volunteering opportunities.

He found out really quickly that he needed to boost his social media presence if he wanted to scale up.

At first, no one was paying attention. It sucked. Many of his posts went nowhere.

But then one of his posts went viral. People began reaching out to him about his business.

And everything began to click.

He collected data on the results, paid attention to what was working, and refined the process.

Over the next 6 months, he grew from less than 1k connections to more than 30k engaged followers.

6 Months later he was at 100k followers. Fast forward to today and he now has over 600k followers!

(You can view his current follower count here)

Unfortunately, the last company fell apart when Covid came around because in-person events were no longer possible.

Instead of giving up, he was able to leverage his engaged following to launch BloomingBound.

The new company was cash-flow positive by the second week!

Today, our mission is to help as many entrepreneurs as we can build an engaged following of their own.

Nobody has to struggle to get noticed anymore.

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Step 1: Grow Your Following

Old Way: Connect with customers and share marketing content

Marketing experts will tell you to connect with your customers, send them a follow up “sales message” and start creating ‘marketing’ content that they will (hopefully) see. The problem is that these people will never engage with your content and will probably never even see it. Your content won't go anywhere.

Old Result: You're Going To Get Stuck

Without any traction on your content, you won’t get in front of your customers. If you focus on connecting with your customers and posting marketing content, you won't get any traction.

New Way: Grow an Engaged following

An engaged following loves your brand and engages with your content. When they engage with your content, your content will be put in front of many more people, including prospective customers. Now, more of your prospective customers will see your content. Every new view on your content is an opportunity to earn a new customer.

New Result: Traction

You will get hundreds of thousands of views on your posts, organically.

You won't have to keep throwing money away on advertising that doesn't work. Your inbox will fill up as your content starts to go farther.

Bottom Line: An Engaged following Drives Traffic

So, as you can see, when you build an engaged following, you will start driving more traffic. You will get more views on your content. You will get in front of more of your prospective customers organically, drive more profile and website views, and attract more leads to your inbox.

The best part about all of this is that organic growth is exponential growth. You will grow faster every day and can take it as far as you want to.

Q & A

The followers that engage aren’t my customers. How does creating content for them help my business?

Your ideal customer usually won't engage with your content. However, when you create content that gets engagement, it will get in front of them and they will check out your offering (even if you never know they are there). It will also reach many more prospects that you would have never thought about reaching out to that could be interested in your offer as well.

What if sharing “marketing” content has been working for me?

If your current marketing content is already working for you, that's great! We can help you send it 10x farther. We know how to get seen organically and can help you build a brand that attracts much more inbound interest.

Wouldn’t this stop working as soon as everyone started doing it, or if the algorithm changes?

An engaged following is algorithm-resistant. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing or what the algorithm likes on any given day. Good, solid content will always perform well. You just need an engaged following first.

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Step 2: Convert Traffic Into Customers

Old Way: Landing pages, Sales Funnels, Sales Copy, Affiliate Partnerships

These methods work. However, they are expensive to build and maintain, they take time to set up, and the leads will disappear as soon as you stop paying for them.

Old Result: You Get What You Pay For

Since traffic must always be purchased, you will always have to spend money to keep it coming. They will come in cold and will be harder to sell to. If anything shifts in the market or your messaging, you will have to spend more money to get back on track.

New Way: Leverage Organic Traffic

Paid traffic can get expensive, but organic traffic doesn’t cost anything. Organic traffic comes from getting in front of people organically and warming them up with your personal brand.

It’s much easier to sell to organic traffic because they choose to reach out to you on their own.

New Result: Lead Generation That Stays With You

THIS is how you build an organic lead generation engine. It stays with you as long as you keep creating more content. Your sales conversations will feel easier and you will close many more deals.

Bottom Line: Organic Traffic Is Better

Organic Traffic is better than paid traffic because organic traffic comes to you. You will be able to drive organic traffic as long as you continue to create content.

Stop selling to people and focus on getting in front of them instead. You will make a lot more money.

Q & A

Is organic traffic really free if you have to spend time growing it?

There is a cost to everything, whether it is time or money. You can leverage a few minutes of your time or you can leverage a lot of your money. The ROI on organic growth is pretty amazing. Once you have momentum, you can spend little to no time on your content while still generating organic leads and driving website traffic. At scale you reap all of the benefits for little to no time investment.

Are you saying that if I use your process, I can stop paying for leads and/or other marketing channels?

The best growth strategy is going to be a holistic one that uses multiple channels. However, if you have a limited budget, or if you are looking for an exponential return on your investment, organic marketing is a great option.
An organic lead generation engine lasts forever and will constantly pull in new leads for you as long as you continue to create content.

What if this works and I drive traffic through your strategy, but nothing happens?

If you are driving the traffic and not getting the traction, it means that your product-market fit is off. Work on your messaging and product. When you get it right, everything will start to click.

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Step 3: Build Multiple Income Streams

Old Way: Grow Income Streams From Scratch

Most people spend time and money figuring out their niche, put together a way to monetize it, and then invest, buckle down, and launch. This takes significant time and usually requires a lot of money. It also fails a lot.

Old Result: It Works… Sometimes

Sometimes this method works and you make money. Sometimes it doesn’t. The problem is that even when it works, it will continue to take up your time, energy, and resources if you want to keep the revenue coming in. The next time you want a new revenue stream, you will have to start it from scratch all over again.

New Way: Leverage Your Personal Brand

A strong personal brand provides a platform that will allow you to test and monetize income streams at a fraction of the cost. Once you have built up your following, you can put together the messaging and/or product offering and start selling right away.

Leverage your brand to make more money.

New Result: Sell Right Away

Leveraging your brand as a foundation to launch future income streams is scalable, cost-effective, and makes everything easier.

Bottom Line: Your Personal Brand Is Your Business

It's not just for the "Elon Musk"s or "Richard Branson"s of the world - every entrepreneur would benefit from developing an influential personal brand.

Investing in and growing your brand will save you money, time, headaches, & stress in the long run while helping you monetize your ideas even faster.

Growing your personal brand alongside your business should be part of every entrepreneur's marketing & growth strategy.

Q & A

How does my personal brand create multiple income streams?

People buy from people. When you have a strong personal brand, you have an unfair advantage in the sales cycle. People that follow you are already interested in you and what you have to offer. It will be much easier to sell to anyone new that discovers you and reaches out.

How does selling become easier as my following grows?

The larger your following, the easier it will be to launch new income streams. Would you rather buy from someone with 3,000 followers or someone with 30,000? Social proof is powerful. Also, growth is exponential, so your content will continue to drive more and more traffic.

Could you provide an example of other income streams that can be launched?

You could publish a book, create and launch an online course, offer paid speaking engagements, start a podcast, create a complimentary product, expand upon your current offering, etc. If your current company goes under for any reason, as our Founder's did, you will already have a platform that you can leverage to launch a completely new business. If you decide for any reason that you want to go back to work it would even help you with the job hunt.

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OK, So What Are Your Options?

Option 1 is to hire a marketing expert to grow your following for you.

However, any marketing “expert” worth their salt won’t need a job in the first place. Anyone else that you hire is going to need $100k + in salary and once you stop working with them you will stop growing.

Marketing Experts Don't Exist
Engagement Pods Take Up All Your Time

Option 2 is to join engagement pods and use automation software.

However, using these will take up ALL your time, they won’t drive exponential results, and anyone growing organically will leave you in the dust.

Option 3 is to enroll in the BloomingBound Bootcamp.

When you work with us, you’ll build an authentically engaged following that will stay with you at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

No gimmicks. We are entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs achieve a massive ROI on their time & investment because this is the better way.

The Best Way To Grow
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Again, this is for anyone that wants to grow a truly engaged following and monetize their brand.

HUNDREDS of clients have already used our system to achieve fantastic results. Here is what they're saying:

Delia Caluser Grew To Over 200k Followers On LinkedIn

Client image

Delia Caluser, the founder of Focus Recruitment, came to us when she was stuck at 14k followers.

Within 5 weeks, we got her growing again, taking her from 14k followers to 53k followers in 6 months. Today, she has over 200k followers!

She did such a great job with our program that she is now one of our instructors.

“My friends still invest a lot of money in advertising their services and products. They waste a lot of time in engagement pods and other support groups.

But at the end of the day, they only get around 10% of my success rate in generating leads on LinkedIn.”

Chuks Agada Made $20,000 In 5 Weeks

Client image

Chuks Agada, the founder of Career Calibration, realized the importance of building an engaged audience on LinkedIn. After searching around, he decided to work with BloomingBound because we were authentic.

In 5-Weeks, we helped him grow by 2,000 followers and transformed his business from 1-2 leads per month into 2-3 good, strong-quality leads per week! This translated into $20,000 in sales in the first month of working with us.

“Man, I am so, so excited and so thankful that I enrolled in this program.

It's completely changed the trajectory of my business and will continue to change the trajectory of my business moving forward.”

Trevor Larson Is Growing By 200 Followers Every Day

Client image

Trevor Larson, the CEO of Nectar, enrolled in our program when he was having a hard time staying consistent with his content strategy.

In 5-Weeks, he turned everything around, growing from 2,000 followers to 7,000 followers, writing a post that got over 2 million views organically, and he now gets around 200 followers every day!

“Invest in BloomingBound. You'll be in really good hands.

Whatever you put into it is what you'll get out. Since my team and I put a lot into this we have been able to see some great results.”

Tim Perreira Greatly Accelerated His Growth

Client image

Tim Perreira, the Founder of Per Wellness, only grew by 2,800 followers in 14 months trying to grow on LinkedIn on his own.

In the span of 5-weeks (after working with us), he grew by more than 5,000 followers, received 2.2 million views on his content, and generated 6 qualified leads.

“It's definitely an investment. I would think about what it is worth for you to grow.

For me, I had already spent so much time frustrated trying to figure it out on my own, that I only wish I had started 6 months sooner.”

Ash Rathod Quadrupled his Following in 5-Weeks

Client image

Ash Rathod, a Master Storyteller, enrolled in our program to jumpstart his growth.

Within 5-Weeks of working with us, he went from around 1,200 followers to almost 5,000. He went from 5k views on average to over 30k views on his posts and started to attract quality inbound leads!

“I knew that I was going to get results, but I was surprised at how quickly I got them.

If you're looking to grow faster, then there's a proven framework here. It's worked for me, it's worked for Gary, and it's worked for the other students that have taken this program. ”

Briar Dougherty Finally Found A Solution That Worked

Client image

Briar Dougherty, founder of, was scratching her head for over a year and a half to find a marketing solution that worked for her and her company.

Marketing experts and funnel builders couldn't solve her problem. She got results with us, going from 6k to 12k followers in a single month!

“My team has been SO excited to see this growth. We have been scratching our heads for about a month and a half and NO ONE has nailed it.

This has been the first program EVER that immediately got results that myself and my team can get behind. It is resonating with our target audience.”

Emmy Sobieski Had 10x More Content Views Within 2 Weeks!

Client image

Emmy Sobieski, founder of, knew that she would waste years of time trying to figure out LinkedIn by herself.

Within 5-Weeks of working with us, her posts began reaching 5x multiples of her following. She also went from 500 views to over 5000 views organically!

“I was on the fence. I knew that I needed content, but it was an investment. I'm really happy that I did it, and I got multiples of my investment back.

Literally, in the space of 2 weeks, I went from a basic post doing 500 views to a basic post doing 5000 views. I'm so happy I did it!!”

Marteka Swaby Wrote Multiple Viral Posts

Client image

Marteka Swaby, the founder of Benevolent Health, was super frustrated with her progression on LinkedIn.

Within 5-Weeks of working with us, she began writing posts that took off, including one piece of content that got over 100k views!

This traction began attracting between 2-4 inbound leads per week which has saved her a lot of time and energy.

“If you are on the fence, then you are missing out.

Literally, in 5-weeks, I have completely turned around my experience on LinkedIn and also my revenue.”

Jeremy Gartner Experienced A BIG Transformation

Client image

Jeremy Gartner, founder of, was already growing his audience on LinkedIn. However, his growth was slow, and he know there was a better way.

After working with us, he learned how to create content that worked for him. He went from 5 reactions on posts to a post with over 7,000 reactions, completely transforming his business!

“Learning how to create content, I believe, is one of the biggest assets anyone can learn for their business and their personl brand. As we kept working through posts, I don't remember how many likes - I believe it was 7,000 likes on a single post.

That was the beginning of a big transformation in the business.”

Stacy Valancy Built An Organic Lead Generation Engine

Client image

Stacy Valancy, a Career Coach, enrolled in our program when her coaching business was not receiving any inbound leads.

After working with us, she was averaging 5+ inbound leads each week with a 75% close rate - all while spending $0 on advertising!

“I just want to thank you for getting my head back in the game. I put out a more "me" post yesterday, got inspired and made a few more upcoming posts, and shifted my own mindset.

I've gotten SO many messages (many of which were inbound leads)....”

  • I recently wrote a post that garnered 4M views on LinkedIn. BloomingBound's frameworks helped me write the post in a way that I was confident would land with my LinkedIn audience

    Author image
    Will Rippetoe Founder of The Interview Beast
  • I’m getting more views and engagement on posts than I have ever had, which leads to more business. I’ve made 3 sales since the start of the program and have more than made my money back from the initial investment.

    To say that I am satisfied, is an understatement!

    Author image
    Chuks Agada Founder of Career Calibration
  • I approached BloomingBound to assist me in navigating my personal brand on Linkedin. My goal was to connect with like-minded people and to attract the right opportunities.

    I walked away with the strategy that I needed to achieve my goals.

    Author image
    Rebecca Hollis Personal Branding Evangelist
  • What BloomingBound ultimately helps you do is bigger than leads or engagement. It's helping you find your voice and learn to harness it in a way that drives traction on social.

    The leads come but bigger than that you build a following of people who look to you and that's invaluable.

    Author image
    Brendan Dell Founder of B2H
  • BloomingBound guided me to move from 1000 views in a month to over 40,000 views in 10 days. I've been invited to speak on international forums and have had many new clients since.

    Author image
    Diana Burgess Resiliency Coach, Creator of the RSC Model
  • As a Linkedin trainer myself, I love learning from other Linkedin experts. Their materials and ideas are definitely unique and very applicable to my business.

    I grew my Linkedin following and engagement in a short span of time. IT'S SO AMAZING!! I would highly recommend this program!

    Author image
    James Fok LinkedIn Coach & Sales Coach
  • I went from having an average of 10 likes and 0 comments to an average of 50 likes and 25 comments on each post after just one week.

    I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to step up their LinkedIn game!

    Author image
    Stacy Valancy Career Coach & Resume Writer
  • In this short period I have been booked on multiple podcasts from people that saw my post on LinkedIn, I had someone over the weekend invite me to speak at a virtual summit because of a post, and I’ve had an increase in inbound requests for my business.

    It’s amazing to see, in this short time, that things are actually coming my way.

    Author image
    Ryan Sterling Wealth Coach, Author, Public Speaker
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Here's What's Going To Happen When You Work With Us

You will build an engaged following that will buy anything from you

You will be able launch and grow multiple streams of income

You could even reach 30k followers within 12 months

You can finally get rid of paying for all of your website traffic

You can forget about wasting your time in pods or on automation

You can replace your marketing budget

You will feel like a celebrity because of how much attention you will get

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How Does It Work?

Before, when you wanted to drive more traffic to your website, brand, or business, you had to pay for it.

But now, we can help you build an Engaged Following that drives organic traffic for you without having to spend anything on advertising.

Organic Traffic
Celebrity-Level Personal Brand

Before, when you wanted to convert that traffic into customers, they would come in cold.

But now, because of your Celebrity-Level Personal Brand, opportunities will come to you. Conversations will feel easier.

Before, when you wanted to launch a new income stream, you would have to build it all from scratch.

But now, you can leverage your personal brand to launch new income streams faster and cheaper.

Multiple Income Streams
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The BloomingBound Bootcamp


     The BloomingBound     

5-Week Program
Here's What You Get:
  • ✔ An Engaged Following
    (Worth $10,000)
  • ✔ Celebrity-Level Personal Brand
    (Worth $20,000)
  • ✔ A Lead-Generation Engine That
    Stays With You

    (Worth $25,000+)
  • All For A Fraction Of The Cost!
    (Apply Now To Get Your Price)
  • Just A Heads Up: We Can Only Work
    With A Few Clients At A Time
    Due To The 1-On-1 Nature Of This Program

  • Don't Waste $100k+ Hiring A
    Marketing Expert To Do This For You

    Jumpstart Your Growth With Us!

Ready to get started?

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Why work with you over our other options? What makes you better?

Because our results are real, 100% organic, and will work for ANYBODY. We don't use pods, automation, or any other shortcut for "fake" results. We don't create copy cats of what other people are doing.

We experimented, built a process that works, and learned how to grow the right way. The right way creates exponential growth. Shortcuts get you stuck.

What if this program doesn’t work for me?

Everyone that follows the process gets results. Furthermore, we have a professional team that helps out with any issues. If you are willing to follow the process, then it will work for you.

Is this program 1-on-1 or a group format?

The program is 1-on-1 and starts when you are ready. We work with multiple clients at a time independent of each other and cohorts tend to form naturally. Anyone that signs up today will have direct access to our founder, which may not be possible in the future.

How does your program work?

The BloomingBound Bootcamp is a 5-week, 1-on-1 program that teaches a proprietary process for real organic growth. We utilize a weekly cadence with personalized, 1-on-1 instruction to ensure that you are getting results.

We have packed 2 years of learning into a 5-week long program and have put together an all-star team to ensure you get results.

What are your thoughts on pods or engagement groups?

Our philosophy is that any engagement that isn’t organic is a distraction and won’t help you reach your goals. Organic growth is the only growth that becomes exponential the longer you do it.

If my goal is to grow my business, should I grow my personal account or my business page?

You should always grow your personal account. People buy from people and you will become the face of the company. That doesns't mean you can't grow your business page as well.

We will teach you how to leverage your personal profile to grow your business page as well.

What's the time commitment for the program?

You should plan on putting in at least 2 hours per day into the program for at least 5-weeks to get the best results. If you can do this, and follow our process, you will get incredible results that you won't find anywhere else.

What if you don’t have 2 hours per day to dedicate to this program?

If you can't find the time yourself, if you have any team members that can help out, they are welcome to join as well. Also, we will teach you how to find and leverage a virtual assistant to bring your time commitment down to 30 minutes per day.

The long-term ROI from your time spent following this program is 100% worth making the time for. Check out some of our case studies to see what we mean!

The program is too expensive and I can’t afford it. What can I do?

Think of it as an investment. This program will unlock your earning potential and save you lots of marketing dollars in the future. It's going to pay for itself many times over.

That being said, we offer split payment options that can help make this easier for you.

This seems really complex. Isn't there a simpler way to do this?

We have built the most efficient and straightforward process to build a truly engaged following on the market. Period. The program is 1-on-1, highly personalized, and won't take any shortcuts to help you drive the results you are looking for. We are commited to the results that we promise.

Is the process really teachable? Wouldn’t everyone have a large engaged following if this was so easy?

Growing an engaged following isn't easy! That's why we founded BloomingBound. It takes work, dedication and a long-term committment to the process. We make it as easy as possible, however, and will make sure that you get the results you are looking for.

How Long Is The BloomingBound Bootcamp?

The entire program lasts 5-weeks from start to finish. After that, you'll become part of our graduates program where you will receive on-going support for as long as you need it.

We are in this for the long-haul.

Why Is The Program only 5-Weeks?

To provide enough structure to support the MASSIVE amount of information and support required to get your growth engine going and to hold you accountable in reaching your goals. Anything longer would just be a waste of your time.

If I Commit To The Program, What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Typical results during our 5-week program include significantly more followers, more engagement, more profile & website views, and more business growth. Some of our graduates have brought in and closed a customer during the program.

I’m already happy with my lead generation. Why should I enroll in your program?

Our program helps with more than just lead generation. In fact, if you are only looking for leads, we probably aren't the right solution for you.

We provide a significant boost to your overall brand which will attract more opportunities for you, allow you to charge more for your product/service, and make it easier for you to both bring in and close more customers.

We aren't just offering leads. We are helping you build a platform that provides a lifetime of value.

I don’t want to invest time into creating content. Will your program still work for me?

Sorry, but no. Creating content is the engine that drives the organic traffic to fuel the rest of the growth engine. One day, you will have such a strong following that this will be on auto pilot.

I don’t have any experience with social media and/or I don't have an online presence. Would this program still be a good investment for me?

100% Yes. Many of the clients with the least social media experience enjoy the greatest results because they learn how to grow the “right” way from the very beginning.

Why wouldn’t you just use a sales funnel or traditional marketing strategy instead of going through your program?

When you go through our program, you are building something that is much more than just leads. When you use traditional channels, you only get what you pay for, for as long as you pay for it.

Are there any long-term contracts?

The program lasts for 5 weeks. Past that, there is no commitment.

Do you provide any support after the program ends?

We have a graduate-only slack community for on-going support, free of charge. We usually end the program on great terms with our clients and continue to help them.

Will this work for me if I’m not based in the US?

This program provides incredible results regardless of where you are located. You just need access to the internet.

How do I justify the cost to my boss, family and/or investors?

This program will help you build a personal brand while growing your business. Most people understand how valuable that is.

Anyone associated with you will also receive a boost from your growing personal brand. Whether it is your company, partner, or anyone doing business with you.

How do I know you guys are legit?

Because we have gotten incredible results from following this program ourselves. Our founder follows this exact process himself and keeps it updated to what's really working. He is a very public figure - check out his profile here.

I’m already happy with my lead generation. Why should I start creating content?

Content creation helps with more than just lead generation. It’s a significant boost to your personal brand which makes it easier to close deals, generate additional leads passively, attract opportunityy, launch a business, or build a platform that you can leverage to monetize anything in the future.

If landing pages, sales funnels, and cold outreach all work, then what is the point in creating content?

Creating content doesn't cost anything (other than time) and it will grow exponentially with you. In the long run, it offers incredible ROI. It’s a very cost-effective growth engine that generates unique opportunities.

Are there any additional costs to implement your process other than the cost of the program?

Nope. Zero additional costs. We have created a process that gets real results without relying on anything other than you.

I’m already getting client interest from connecting with prospects and writing marketing content. I thought that this wasn’t supposed to work?

Connecting with prospects and writing marketing content CAN work. We are offering an alternative that builds your brand while bringing in more leads than what you are doing.

I don’t want to invest time into creating content. Is there anything else I can do?

You could try investing a fortune on advertising. If that doesn't sound attractive, this is the best alternative.

I'm already driving traffic to my landing page and/or profile but I’m not getting any leads. What gives?

If you are driving traffic and not getting leads, you need to examine your product-market fit. If your message and offering is right, you will get results.

Could You Provide Additional Details On The Curriculum?

Absolutely! Please see below.

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